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3 days in Adelboden, Switzerland

Jugnu and I spent 12 days in this heaven known as Switzerland, out of which these 3 days were in Adelboden, very little known small town but has a lot to offer. Our hotel(The Cambrian) had the most amazing views and it was surreal.

Adelboden is a traditional Swiss village, which is a hidden beauty and rarely visited by tourists. We were mesmerised by everything, below is a glimpse of what we added to our Swiss land memories.

Travel time to Adelboden

We arrived at The Cambrian Hotel (a minute walk from the bus station), after a 3 hours journey from Wengen. We changed 3 trains and one bus but it wasn’t hassle at all, every train/bus was well timed and there was least trouble in changing platforms (most of them were the same).

Travel PlacesTransportationTravel Time
Lauterbrunnen-Interlaken Ost116-Y train15 mins
Interlaken Ost-SpeizTrain SBB30 mins
Speiz-FrutigenTrain SBB15 mins
Frutigen-AdelbodenBus35 mins

“All the trains, buses, and most of the cable car transportation were covered in the Swiss pass”

Day 1 at Adelboden – —– Valley/Mountain

Our hotel(The Cambrian) gave us free cable car pass and free bus transportation around the town (although we already had the Swiss pass, but cable car was a gift from the hotel). 5 mins walk from the hotel, we arrived at this cable car station, (it was so empty, no tourists at all), we hopped on one of the cable cars, (three cable cars runs together every 20 mins, I would recommend to sit in the third car to enjoy valley views) we arrived on the top of the mountain in 10 mins.

We enjoyed the Giant Swing, Jugnu got scared from height but it wasn’t that scary😄, it is right on the top of the mountain and the views were thrilling and exciting. It is an amazing ski destination, since we visited in August (Summers), we enjoyed the green valley (the entire valley is covered with snow in winters). We also saw a hiking trail, but it was our first day in Adelboden, so we kept it low, and took the last cable car down at 5:30pm.

We then enjoyed a cup of coffee and I fulfilled my sugar cravings at this great cafe, The Tea Room.

Day 2 at Adelboden – Engstligen waterfall

It is accessible by cable cars and public transportation plus some hike, but Jugnu and I rented an e-bike to go there. It took 1.5 hours (we were super slow and did loads of photography on our way), the last stretch was a bit rocky, but it was thrilling, we walked along the bike a few times, because biking down in steep mountains is scarier than ever.

We then came back and enjoyed some pool time at our hotel, and enjoyed the sunset.

Day 3 at Adelboden – Oeschinen Lake

We took the bus from the bus station, right next to our hotel and arrived at Kandesteg in exactly 1 hour. 10 mins walk later, we took the cable car (got 50% off on our Swiss pass) and arrived on the top of the mountain. After that was the 30 mins hike, there was also an e-shuttle (8 euros per person, runs every hour), if you didn’t wanna walk, but it was quite easy.
Oeschinen Lake is a hidden lake and very less touristy as compared to Blausee (which we saw on our way to Oeschinen (from the bus), Blausee is very much accessible which makes it more touristy.

Just to give you a better idea about this serene place, here’s a video link :

Oeschinen Lake

Lastly some food pics ❤️

I will soon share my 12 days trip in another blog. Switzerland has so much to offer that one blog is just not enough.

Keep Rocking.

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Anne Frank’s video diary – watch all 7 episodes

Anne Frank (born June 12, 1929 – passed away February 1945) was a jewish girl who hid in one of the attic houses of Amsterdam for more than 2 years, with her family and a few more jewish people.

Anne Frank

During the second world war, Germans took anti-jewish measures in Netherlands. At that time, Anne(13 years old) with her family, left her home and hid in one of the attics in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She wrote letters to her best friend (fictional) in her diary, which was gifted to her on her 13th birthday.

The book, titled “The Secret Annex” was published on Anne Frank’s diary, in 1947 which is one of the most widely read books worldwide.

Now in the quarantine times, a web series on V(video) dairy of Anne Frank has been released. The series about, what if Anne had been a vlogger, is trying to connect with the hearts of all us (people) now staying back home in isolation due to the Corona.

There are 15 episodes posted on YouTube (shared below and on next pages) which touched so many hearts. Second world war was a very hard time, Anne described her days how she feared the noises on the streets and wondered if she (with her family) was caught by the germans.

It’s is relatable to the generation today since everyone is stuck at home, and also gives the strength to stand tough during these times.

Note that the online series is available in 60 countries except in the US because of copyright restrictions.

Sources : Wikipedia, NYTimes

The first episode of Anne Frank Video Diary “My Best Present” (Click on the next page to watch the next episode)

Anne Frank Video Diary Episode 1
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The Beautiful Devil’s Slide

Devil’s Slide Trail, a 1.4-mile trail in San Mateo County, was reopened to the public in March 2014 (after building a gorgeous tunnel), and soon became a trail with the most picturesque views.

In 2013, two tunnels were built to cross this Trail, which added man-made beauty to the already existing, spectacular ocean views.

Jugnu and I moved to the Bay area, San Francisco in January 2016 and witnessed the gorgeous aquamarine beauty with breath-taking ocean view after 8 months. We visited this place 5 times in 2.5 years and still can’t get over the views.

Located near Pacifica, California, you will notice sea-life, including flora and fauna, seals and whales. Sea-birds like pelicans and cormorants are the most commonly seen, and murre sea-bird is mostly mistaken by penguin. So it’s a perfect place for you if you are an ocean/sea lover.

We drove (around 50 miles) from the east bay, (Lake Elizabeth, Fremont), took CA-92W highway, and it took almost an hour to get there. The travel time would be a lil less from MTV (mountain view). Its is almost 7 miles from another famous spot, Half Moon Bay (which is our second fav weekend getaway place) and I will write about it in my next blogpost.

This multi-use trail, perfect for hikers, runners, bikers etc, is also accessible by car and has a few free parking lots (at each end of the trail) with restrooms facility. It could be a great place for a day out trip for family and friends.
There are benches along the sides where you can sit, and enjoy the eye-catching views with your loved ones. (PERSONAL TIP – It’s a super romantic place for a love proposal, Jugnu and I witnessed a few and were totally awed).

We are a family of 3, Snickey, Jugnu and myself, Sncikey is our fur baby – a 3.5 years old maltipoo, so we always search for places which are pet friendly. And yes, Devil’s Slide Trail allows you to bring your fur-love along, but on a leash.

Jugnu and I (also Snickey) miss California a lot and the natural beauty is one of the biggest reasons.
Just 20 miles south of San Francisco city, this hidden gem is California’s most magnificent driveway.

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Things to do in and around Dinant, Belgium

Belgium is yet another great European country full of history and culture. It is a small heaven between the Netherlands and Germany, and its capital city, Brussels is approximately 2 hours train ride from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jugni strongly believes that Belgium is a lot more than chocolates, waffles and beer, there are a lot more things to do in and around Belgium. Let’s utilise some of your quarantine time to do some research for your next trip 🙂

Let’s start with the very famous Bruges – an hour train ride form the capital city, Brussels. It is the most touristy place to visit in Belgium. It offers a massive variety of street waffles, fries and beer located right in the heart of The Square of Bruges, which indeed is a pretty place to spend a day At. The pictures should give you an idea.

Bruges, Belgium

Travel Time – Bruges is one hour Train Ride from Brussels. Jugnu and I love to drive, so we drove from Amsterdam and it took almost the same time as train (3 hours). We ended up making an on the spot plan to visit Dinant, which was another 2 hours 20 minutes from Bruges. It took us 3.5 hours To get there, as we drove slow(er) and enjoyed the picturesque views on the way.

We took a halt at one of the delightful cafe’s to refresh ourselves and couldn’t believe what nature offered there. The below picture is for real, I still can’t believe I was right there with my feet in the water, sipping coffee and witnessing this untouched beauty of Namur.

Namur, Belgium

Continuing the journey, after 40 minutes, we arrived in Dinant. We got lucky with the parking and found a nice spot in the big parking lot right next to the famous citadel, 5 mins walking distance.

Few things we did in Dinant:

1. Walk by the River Meuse – It gave us Bollywood movie-like European countryside feel. ThIs river flows through the Netherlands and Belgium and finally meets the North sea. The shadow of these beautiful houses in the river looked unreal and just took our breath away

River Meuse, Dinant, Belgium

2. La Citadelle Dinant – It rests on Top of a rocky cliff, and has breathtaking views from the top. You could either climb 400+ steps or take a cable car ride (costs 11 euros). Jugnu being the excited one, ended up taking the stairs and felt so pumped about it. These are a lot of stairs so be super sure about it and don’t make an impulsive decision. We visited in the month of August, the weather was sunny and nice but on the top of the Citadelle, it was very windy.

3. Saxophone Bridge – It is one of the most fascinating things to see in Dinant. The entire bridge is lined with colourful saxophones in order to give tribute to Adolphe Sax, who was born in Dinant, was the inventor of Saxophone.

Saxophone Bridge, Dinant

4. Solbrun – After strolling through mesmerising beauty of Dinant, we went to this amazing cafe, Solbrun and enjoyed Belgium delicacies. We still haven’t come across waffles as good as these, anywhere else.

We ended up spending a full day in Dinant. I’ll write a separate post on Bruges with some photos and recommendations. We’ve been there twice, and still feel we could / should go there again.

Until next post, flying away

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A 4-day trip to Malta during Winters (itinerary)

Malta, a beautiful Mediterranean island is lying somewhere between Africa and Europe. Turquoise water, open museums, impressive churches with a lot of historical importance sums up Malta. Bearable weather throughout the year was something that attracted me the most. Like any other country in Europe, Malta has different weather, but what my blog say here is that it has bearable and
warmest winters


Define Winters! Coming from San Francisco and originally from North India, winters were something ranging from 8-10 degrees celsius to extreme would 5-6 degrees and layering would be like a sweater or a jacket. Now, as I live in Amsterdam, the definition of winters has entirely changed. Winters means no sun to 3-4 mins of sunlight in the entire day, for almost 4-5 months. The temperature would stay the same like 1 degrees the whole day. My body gave up and in December I realized that I need to get

some sun. After a discussion with my partner, we finalized Malta with mediterranian climate and mild winters. It is said that Malta had the warmest winters. We didn’t go for Spain because it stays touristy.

Warm Welcome!

After a 3 hours flight, the sun welcomed us with 14 degrees celsius. We stayed in a hotel at St. Julians city. It was next to Sliema and Valletta.


As our main focus was to get as much sun as possible, we chose to roam around in Malta and also a few islands nearby.

Day 1 – Mdina and around

It is now a famous place to visit since it has GOT’s Kings Landing (Game Of Thrones) connection. They say a few shots were done during the first season. We were awestruck by the character in the buildings. Wandering through the streets and baroque architecture, we visited the famous St. John’s Cathedral. After that we had a great maltese meal and enjoyed the sun the rest of the day.


Mdina was 20 mins drive from our hotel.

Day 2 – Valletta, Sliema and the ferry ride!

We walked from our hotel and enjoyed our breakfast on the streets of Sliema and then took a ferry (1.5 euros one side) to Valletta. The city is quite compact and hilly so

you need to be in your most comfortable shoes to walk around. After the ferry, we climbed up enjoying the streets, churches, cafes, boutiques, to the main square

and almost got hungry again. And then we had the best Italian food in one of the restaurants after strolling through the St. George’s Square.



Day 3 – Tour to Gozo, Comino Islands and Xlendi!

We booked a tour to Gozo and Comino from tripadvisor. Honestly it was worth it. We did both in one day and had a great time. The tour people picked us up from our hotel and took us to the ferry. After a 20 mins drive and almost 30 mins ferry, we arrived at a tiny (almost untouched) island, the comino islands. The blue Lagoon just took our breath away. It was 16 degrees, so it was not at all crowded (like there was literally no one, just our ferry people). They say it gets super busy during the months of June, July and August. After spending a few minutes in water, we sat there and enjoyed the sun for 1.5 hours. Then the ferry showed us blue lagoons, the caves and crystal clear water. People

enjoy swimming, water sports and snorkelling during summer season. We are so glad we did it in the shoulder season because it wasn’t crowded at all.



After that we took off to Gozo. After 20 mins of ferry from Comino to Gozo, we hopped in a bus (part of the tour only) to enjoy the local streets of Gozo and finally arrived at the Citadel. There was a great view of the bay from the top.


It’s a small village on the island of Gozo. We were so tired from Comino and Gozo’s citadel walk that we initially thought of skipping the interesting cave hike. So thankful that we changed our minds. After a strong cup of coffee, we hiked a steep cliff and then found a cave which goes into the sea. The walk down the cave and the victory of reaching the water is inexplicable. It was a 20-25 mins hike on the cliff but the view was totally worth it.


It is accessible through various hop on tours too. Great place for natural swimming, fishing and small cute undiscovered beach area.

Sun Sun and Sun!

Sun was the best part about these 4 days. From the shivering December Amsterdam winters to the warm bright Malta’s sun made our bodies back to normal. Climbing up the streets in Valletta to wandering the architecture in Gozo helped us to take some sweat out from our pores. We feel normal again and ready to head back to the real europe winters. There were a few more summery things that we couldn’t do like Dwejra Bay, Ghar Lapsi, Marsaxlokk, etc.

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Jugni in Sausalito, California

A day in Sausalito
There is a small heaven right across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (SF), a city better known as Sausalito. A day trip from the city (SF) to this heavenly place is a must do. Waterfront restaurants, cafes, bars, boutique stores, and of course, the view of the city and the islands nearby are inexplicable. Just a simple bike ride next to water is so relaxing.
Drive or Ferry?
There are two ways to get there, the drive over the Golden Gate Bridge is surely recommended but in case if you would like to experience a short trip (20-30mins) using the water route, ferry is another option. The ferries are easily accessible through the amazing Ferry Building right on Embarcadero or the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Well, my partner and I chose to drive and of course we enjoyed great views and some amazing houses.
Here’s what to expect on the ferry
Things to do in Sausalito!

Sausailto, an amazing escape from the hustle – bustle of the San Francisco City has a lot of art galleries. It’s a perfect weekend getaway place.

Bridgeway Promenade is the main attraction in Sausalito where amazing seafood and cafes can be explored.
There is another very popular attraction, Bay Model, a 3D structure and waterfront cafes and houseboats sometimes.
There is a small cute dog park too right on the bay, the dog parents enjoy the rock on the side of water while the fur babies get to play and socialize with other dogs.
We also took a litle de-tour on our way back from Sausalito to the bay area and stopped at Hawk Hill giving extraordinary views of the San Francisco city, the Golden Gate Bridge and or course, the Golden Gate bridge. Highly recommended to check that out and take some amazing selfies / group-fies.
My partner and I have decided to take all our family and friends to this place whenever they are visiting.
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Jugni in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

An Affordable Luxury – Cabo San Lucas
(A 4-day all inclusive trip to Cabo from San Francisco bay area).

A place where desert meets the ocean is what is called Cabo San Lucas. It’s a three plus hours flight from the San Francisco Bay Area which should cost 300-350 USD. Cabo is known for its beautiful beaches and it is one of the most visited tourist places in Mexico.

As Silicon Valley is super expensive, experiencing luxury is a challenge. Planning a vacation with or without kids would cost you thousands of dollars and you would still keep a check on how much you are spending on your lunch and dinner meals.

After working really hard for almost a year, we decided to go for an affordable luxury trip. Our main focus was just to relax as much as we can and regain all the energy without making a big whole in the pocket.

My partner and I visited Cabo in May 2017 to celebrate our anniversary and to celebrate life. Of course it sounds dramatic, but for us this vacation was everything we wanted. We took this all inclusive package for 4 nights 5 days from Costco for Dreams resort. It costed us a little more than 2k USD (excluding the taxi from Fremont to San Francisco and back). This included our flight as well which 3.5 hours and the airfare was under 350 USD round trip.

And the vacay begins… We have always seen in movies that there is someone at the airport with a placard with your name on it, waiting for your arrival. And yes, we experienced that. The resort driver was waiting for us at the arrivals and after a smooth baggage collection process we hoped in the luxury car. It was an hour drive from the airport. We were welcomed with some cocktails which set our moods. We were given a honeymoon suite which was decorated just perfectly and of course the room was ocean view. There was a mini bar in the room and yes it was free, we could take as much booze as we want and chocolates and soda. The feeling was wow.  

There were 4 restaurants including a seafood special and also a fine dining one. There was a bar in the pool! Yes inside the pool, you swim to get your drinks. And also there were bars outside the pool, right
on the beach, away from the beach, next to volley ball court etc. We had access to all bars, restaurants and we could eat and drink as much we want. There were a few bakeries too which had mouth watering and hard to resist stuff. Our life for 4 days were drink eat dance play and repeat without touching your wallet.     Then there were water aerobics, salsa sessions, tennis court, volleyball court, yoga sessions which we could attend for free. We were provided with a time table of these sessions for our convenience, else there was always a shack available for you by the beach and pool.  

Then there were water aerobics, salsa sessions, tennis court, volleyball court, yoga sessions which we could attend for free. We were provided with a time table of these sessions for our convenience, else there was always a shack available for you by the beach and pool.  

And our entertainment was way above than just salsa sessions. Almost every night, there was a evening celebrations of sorts, it was a South American cultural evening and the salsa performance the other night. We were treated like VIP’s. 

We planned to stay at the resort the whole time because we wanted to rejuvenate ourselves. We didn’t do any touristy things but enjoyed our VVIP stay at the resort. No jet lags, no post vacation fatigue, we were all set to get back to our routines. In just above 2k USD, we lived our lives to the fullest during those 4 days.

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