Matar Mushroom

Matar mushrooms or Mushrooms and peas in a tomato and onion gravy has become our go-to dish, which Jugnu and I enjoy almost every other week. It is easy to prepare, full of flavours, healthy and nutritious. I remember ordering it in restaurants, and always wondered how do they nullify the strong taste of mushroom […]

Thai Chicken Green Curry

During this lockdown when Jugnu and I were craving for some rich, restaurant style food, especially Thai cuisine, we thought of trying it on our own. And without any exaggeration, this Thai Chicken Green Curry has become one of my most wonderful creations (haha I like to pat myself on the back for all the […]

Healthy drinks and Healthy Lifestyle

As much as healthy food and diet are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle; healthy drinks play an equally vital role. Plain or still water is always the best option for hydration, but, is also not that exciting for many of us. ๐Ÿ™‚ I talked to 5 friends of mine, 3 out of them drink […]

Home Remedies for Skincare – Part 2

After getting overwhelming response on my skincare routine and home remedies blog, I felt the need to write home remedies for skincare part 2. In the previous blogpost, I mentioned my top favourite (5) home remedies which might help getting a healthier skin, this post is a continuation of it – with another 5. This […]

Sonos Arc has arrived – with the new Dolby Atmos

The high-end wireless sound system has introduced a new sound-bar, Sonos Arc at $799 with an addition of Dolby Atmos, but this is not it. Sonos has also updated its Play:5 speakers, which are now named as “Five”. JUGNU & SONOS The mission statement of Sonos says “Fill every home with music by creating the […]

The Beautiful Devil’s Slide

Devil’s Slide Trail, a 1.4-mile trail in San Mateo County, was reopened to the public in March 2014 (after building a gorgeous tunnel), and soon became a trail with the most picturesque views. In 2013, two tunnels were built to cross this Trail, which added man-made beauty to the already existing, spectacular ocean views. Jugnu […]

Skincare in your 30’s

As soon as you hit your 30’s, your skin starts demanding attention, a little more than you think, and you scroll the internet to find a perfect solution, but the truth is there is no such thing as the “perfect solution“. Before you realize, your skin becomes a reflection of your worries, in the form […]

Creative and Productive Things to do during Lockdown

The corona era is still going on and has brought our lives at a standstill. The pandemic has hit brakes really hard on our life’s acceleration but I am sure it’ll pass, just hang on there, we humans have the tendency to adjust to every situation. Internet is flooded with articles/suggestions and videos on “things […]